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Take the Big Dazed Sex Survey

The way young people relate to sex is changing – tell us how you feel about it in our anonymous new survey

From growing interest in non-monogamy, to the rise of OnlyFans, to the exciting possibilities presented by the metaverse, the way young people have sex is changing at lightning pace.

No two people will feel exactly the same about sex though, which is why we’re launching our very own Dazed Sex Survey to dig into the details of our current sex landscape. Our last sex survey from 2014 yielded some fascinating findings, but now we want to know how things have changed since then.

We want to know all your sexy secrets – have you ever have had sex on drugs? Filmed your own porno? Hooked up with a robot? Tell us all the gory details. It’s completely anonymous too, so you can fess up to your most X-rated fantasies worry-free. Your secrets are safe with us.

We’ll be publishing the results in a few weeks’ time and formulating a picture of the state of sex today using the data collected from the survey. It’ll be fascinating, but mostly, it’ll be fun.

If you’re up for getting involved, you can take the survey here – it takes less than five minutes to complete.