Over the last year, it's become clearer than ever that the creative industries are in need of radical change. That's why Dazed and Converse are launching the Open To Change partnership to support, empower, and platform the next generation.

With a focus on creating visibility for underrepresented communities, Open To Change will deliver tangible opportunities for the changemakers of tomorrow and look at what's next for the Creative Industry.

From the Dazed 100 to a Mentorship series with A-COLD-WALL* founder Samuel Ross, as well as educational resources, paid creative commissions, a series of events and more - everyone’s invited to get involved.

Samuel Ross
Mentorship Sessions

Samuel Ross' inaugural Open To Change mentorship session, the second of four sessions spanning a year-long programme, centres around how to expand reach and success within creative businesses.

Ross is joined by Matthew Sleep, Design Director of Footwear at Converse who has partnered with Ross on his ongoing collaboration with the footwear brand. With the All Star team, they offer critical analysis within a show-and-tell format as well as problem-solving, development tips and more.

Open Calls

Open Calls is the next chapter in Open To Change, 2021’s landmark partnership between Dazed and Converse to support, empower, and platform the next generation of creatives.

With the dual aims of spotlighting the work of undiscovered creatives, as well as taking genuine tangible action for worthy causes, Open Calls opens the floor to the audience with an invitation to join the conversation through creative expression.

This year’s Dazed 100 is a celebration of change, and the nex-gen names leading that change in their communities and creative fields. Running as part of Dazed and Convere’s Open to Change initiative, each entrant on this year’s line up was asked, “How will you shape the future?”. The winner of this year’s Dazed 100 will see their idea come to life through mentoring and a $30,000 grant, funded by Converse. The public voting has now closed! Keep an eye out for the winner, who Dazed and Converse will announce in July, after selecting out of the 10 finalists. In the meantime, look back at this year's list below.

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